JaGooTex is a subdivision of De Merel b.v. Textielverzorgende bedrijven in The Netherlands. De Merel started in 1974 as a family business in the city of Hoenderloo. At the time, our clients are mostly individuals and catering establishments (hotels, restaurants, pubs etcetera. In the seventies, De Merel has a steady growth, with solid business lines.


In 1978, the outgrown business property is demolished, and on the same spot, larger and more efficient premises are built. During the eighties, De Merel’s growth continues, and in 1987 they take over Laundry van Popta in the nearby Voorthuizen. From this moment on, the laundry continues by the name of Wasserij (Laundry) De Merel.


In 1993, the company premises are being expanded once more, but a few years later it turns out that the location in Hoenderloo no longer can be expanded even more. In the nineties, De Merel is expanding its services to providing and handling professional work-wear. At the time, this appears to be a great demand.


In 2003, De Merel is coming apart at the seams, so to speak. Not enough storage space, not enough office space, not enough parking facilities and the still more difficult accessibility because of the larger trucks, all of this makes us decide to relocate to the city of Apeldoorn.


In 2009, De Merel b.v. takes over dry-cleaner Stomerij Mondial Express, also located in Apeldoorn. This company was founded already in 1963, and cooperates closely with Wasserij De Merel, since the seventies already. De Merel b.v. has no intention whatsoever to change anything in name, location, charisma or operating procedure of Stomerij Mondial Express, because all of these aspects have proven to be all-right in the past.


In 2011, De Merel is dividing its activities. JaGooTex Bedrijfskleding Wasserij (Work-wear Laundry) is established. From that moment on, this company is handling all clients with company clothing, as a subdivision of De Merel b.v. The catering establishments and individual clients are still being served by Wasserij De Merel.


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