JaGooTex Bedrijfskledingwasserij is affiliated with the trade association Netex. Netex has various certification processes. This guarantees a guaranteed quality level towards our customers.


Companies with a Netex environmental and / or quality certificate are progressive companies that meet strict conditions and standards. Every company is therefore periodically re-certified to be able to continue guaranteeing the claimed quality.

Our production process is fully hygienic, quality and environmental certified. If you wish, you can inspect our certifications.

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Tweelingenlaan 32a

Koninginnelaan 105

Postbus 886

Tel. 055-3781480

7324 AM Apeldoorn

7315 BP Apeldoorn

7301 BC Apeldoorn




Complete clothing concept

for the industry


· Nationwide coverage

· Bar coded registration system

· Locker systematics

· Own distribution network

· Flexible and competitive

· Permanent contacts

· Reliable

· 40 years of experience